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About Us:

Northern Wilderness Bear Outfitters is located in White River approx 200 miles West of Sault Ste Marie and the USA border. White River is a favourite hot spot for hunters because of it's high population and density of Black Bears and the quality hunts this area can offer.It has an abundunce of wild life including  fish moose and wolves that keeps the sport of hunting and angling exciting. You wil be hunting over 1800 sq miles of prime hunting ground with many of it untouched and unhunted with excellent sightings and bear activity. I am a well known guide and sportsmen in this area and have had many successful moose hunts  some of our kill even making it into the Safari Club International . I have also worked  Bear hunts with other Bear outfitting companies  baiting and tracking bear and now have the oppurtunity to provide these type of quality hunts on my own. NWBO will offer hunts this fall archery or gun tree stands or ground blinds accessable hunting grounds for people with health issues or disabilities were aiming to please and hopefully make White River your favourite hunting hot spot too. 
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